200px-Perry Webb (Earth-616)


Solo AdventuresEdit

Perry Webb was merely an American mineral scout searching for Uranium when he landed Attainia, a country plunged into war with the neighboring country of Castle D'Or thanks to the machinations of it's evil Queen Ursula. Unaware of the conflict, Perry soon found himself caught up to speed when he is caught in the middle of an air-raid.

Surviving the initial blast, he saves the life of Jeanine the last survivor of her immediate family. When she says she has relatives on the country side, Perry flies her there where he stays for a week to get to know the girl and her family better. Deciding that he must get back to his job, Webb would hop back into his plane and fly off. However, he would get caught in a dog-fight against Castle D'Or fighter planes and get shot down. Recovered from the crash from the family, Perry would vow join the fight and stop the war no matter what it took.

The outcome of this conflict, and Webb's fate remain unrecorded. However, some sources speculate that the conflict likely became a moot point due to the start of World War II shortly after.

Crazy SUESEdit

At some time following his ordeal in Attainia, the American Ace got married. However, Ace was secretly homosexual.

Following the Untied States entry into World War II, the American Ace became pilot for the Crazy SUES following the battle of Normandy in 1944. During the victory party with the Crazy SUES and the Invaders, Ace and Captain Flame learned that they were both gay and secretly slipped away from the party. They had a romantic interlude in a back alley, unaware that they were secretly being watched by their team mate Albert "Slow Motion" Jones.

Ace and Captain Flame kept their romance going while the Crazy SUES were involved in the liberation of France, much to the disgust of Jones. After the battle, the team spent time relaxing in Paris. When the group decided to go looking for girls, Ace expressed a disinterest in doing so. When Jones called him on it, Ace explained to them that he was married. Learning this, Captain Flame stormed off.