The following explains the rules for writing, categorizing pages, etc. By following these rules, the Golden Age Comics Wiki can be an easy navigating encyclopedia of all the Golden Age of Comic Books.

Note: Rules May Be Changed Over The Course Of Time.

Writing a PageEdit

The following are the rules for writing a page.

  • Pages must be 99 to 100% about the Golden Age of Comic Books. Small remarks about any other age are allowed but please focus about the Golden Age.
  • History about characters may only pertain to the Golden Age. For example do not go into full detail for the death of Kal-L which happened during the Modern Age.
  • Info may be copied from Wikipedia but please use the following...
This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia (view authors).

Categorizing a PageEdit

A full list of categories can be found here .

  • If it is a series or an issue categorize it by the year it released in. Such as the category 1939 for Marvel Mystery Comics or Marvel Comics 1.
  • If it is a character categorize it under Characters. You can go into more detail such as naming it a Female or Male or even a Human.

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