Forsythe Pendleton "Jughead" Jones III is a teenager who is a junior at Riverdale High school.

He is the son of Forsythe Pendleton Jones Jr. and Gladys Jones, and is the big brother of Forsythia "Jellybean" Jones. He owns a dog, known as Hot Dog, who shares his owners love of food and napping place of the couch. In the Archie Gets Married storyline when Archie married Betty, he got married to Midge Klump and they had a child. He has a fascination with food and is known to be Riverdale's food expert. He has a rapid metabolism and he can take in much food and still stay thin. Unsurprisingly he is a frequent customer at Pop Tate's, and has a huge tab. Jughead also sleeps frequently and watches lots of television, though he occasionally reads up on his many historical ancestors, such as Sir Jugalot and the pirate Long Nose Silver. He typically dislikes girls, even though a sweet but rather less attractive girl, Ethel, is absolutely obsessed with him. His arch enemy is Trula Twyst, a girl who wants to find what makes him tick psychologically. He is Archie Andrews's best freind and also a freind of the sweet Betty Cooper, but mutually dislikes the spoiled, rich Veronica Lodge. He typically wears a strange crown-shaped beanie hat and a sweater with the letter S emblazoned on it.