Richard "Dick" Grayson of Earth-Two is commonly referred to as the Golden Age Robin, thus being the main Robin that appeared throughout the Golden Age of Comic Books. This wiki follows Robin only throghout the Golden Age.


Richard "Dick" Grayson was born to circus aerialists John and Mary Grayson. Dick Grayson joined his parents in their trapeze act, the Flying Graysons, which was part of the small traveling Haly Circus. Under pressure to pay protection money to a local mobster, "Boss" Zucco, the circus owners refused. Enraged, Zucco decided to intimidate the circus owners by killing their most successful act, the Flying Graysons. Zucco had the trapeze and safety nets cut which killed John and Mary Grayson  Millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne was in the audience and watched the Grayson's death happen. Some later versions state Wayne was investigating Zucco activities at the circus but was unaware of the extent Zucco was already involved.

Grayson blamed the deaths on Zucco from conversations he overheard. Wayne recognized a similar tragedy in his own earlier life and decided to take Grayson in. Deciding to channel Grayson rage and grief into action, and partially protect Grayson from Zucco, Wayne began training Grayson in further more extensive acrobats and fighting techniques. When Wayne felt Grayson was ready to use his skills, Wayne gave him the costumed identity of Robin, the Boy Wonder.

Early CareerEdit

As Robin, the junior partner of Batman, Grayson would fight against many powerful villains including the Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, Basil Karlo the first Clayface.

As Grayson became older, he faced his own villains including No-Face and others including several of the earlier Batman rogues. Grayson would continue as Batman's partner until Wayne retired from the role despite gaps such as when Grayson left for college.